Pediatric Dentistry


Early Start
Great Dental Health For Children

Healthy teeth and glowing smiles for life start early. The sooner you can get your child to develop great dental care habits, the better. This includes regular brushing, healthy eating and regular dental check-ups.

When should you start cleaning your baby’s teeth?

As soon as the first teeth appear because even breast milk and formula contains sugar.
It’s recommended that you start cleaning your child’s teeth with a clean washcloth or gauze pad over your finger. A small brush can be used as more teeth erupt.
Ideally, you want to brush your child’s teeth right after eating to remove food particles. In addition, flossing your child’s teeth every day is vital for keeping teeth healthy and clean. Remember, a clean tooth cannot decay.
Healthy eating is also a key for a lifetime of healthy teeth and glowing smiles. Too many sugar-laden snacks and drinks will cause plaque and tooth decay, and years of eating and drinking these foods will cause dental problems. A healthy diet including fruits and vegetables will go a long way in keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy.

Patient Services

• Teeth cleaning
• Natural tooth colored fillings
• Preventive sealants
• Oral hygiene and toothbrush instructions
• Diet and nutritional counseling
• Fluoride varnish
• Digital x-rays
• Cosmetic dentistry

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